PUYAN CHIMIE KAMYAR CO.We can provide following services according to our own practical abilities for acting as your agent in trading of  oil ,Gas  & petrochemical products from Iran :

        1.  Providing market knowledge of Iranian oil , gas & petrochemical products such as :

·         Bitumen

·         Lubricants & other by products

·         Polymers

·         Chemicals Products

·         Fertilizers

·         Liquid gas & Feed Stock

2.  Providing procurement procedures from Iranian oil, gas & petrochemical suppliers by means of effective connection with key person of this procedure.

3.  Providing  reliable financial sources and capability for accepting L/C in Singapore, Dubai &  Iran.

4.  Providing  international price of all oil, gas & petrochemicals products.

5.  Having governmental and private sector in local transportation.

6.  Access to liable and credible packaging units for oil & petrochemicals products.

7.  Access to governmental and private storage tanks in main Iran loading port.

9.  Providing vessel & containers for transportation of all kinds of Oil , Gas & petrochemicals products through main shipping lines & companies.

10.  Access to  competitive shipping rates.

11.  Providing professional  customs formalities and clearance services in Iran.

12.  Providing express handling in the all main seaports of Iran.